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I am 5'5 and 152 lbs. Lucky, at that weight, to be hourglass-ish and not a roly poly ball (working on losing some). 38DD (funny... i noticed alot of us poly women seem to be busty types... wondering what that means... more estrogen/more love to go around? lol!)

Hazel eyes, dark hair with a little auburn in it (from an Irish family full of redheads). The only actor I've been told I look like is Gillian Anderson (anyone remember the X-files? heh heh) and by ONE person (bless the person's heart, cause i'm twice this one's age) "Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings playbook".

I am an attorney (lawyer) so i dress conservatively during the week. On my own time... see the shoes from the avatar! And I like wearing NOTHING, too... I like nude beaches.
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