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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
Speaking of poly meetings, I did wander around the Poly Pride picnic at central park for a while...and met up with XYZ123, who was incredibly hospitiable. I'm very grateful to her and her husband for that.
However for the picnic it seemed that everyone was mostly grouped off already, so I wasn't sure about doing other introductions.
I had a similar experience - went to the Poly Pride picnic in Central Park about 5 years ago. It was interesting from the experiencing it point of view and to see other "polys in action" but I agree about the grouping-off thing - I didn't feel like walking up to complete strangers in Central Park and introducing myself.

And everyone back home that I told about the Museum of Sex totally want to go there, just for that.
Yes, I found that place really interesting - everything from the history of "pin-ups" through Blue Movies and all sorts of other stuff about society's attitude towards sex. All done in a way that wasn't titillating, but very classy. When I was there they had a section about Bettie Page, too.

I like the energy of NYC, but I have found it works much better if you are there with someone who knows the city, otherwise it can be a tad overwhelming. It's also nice to have to place to retreat to, just in case it gets too much.

There have been a few cities that have made a huge impression on me (Paris, San Francisco, and Berlin being others) and NYC is definitely on that list. Plenty of fun stuff to do other than the standard tourist stuff.

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