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aaaaaannnnndddd.... they're back together.
C. says they are 'researching' what a relationship would be like.
he's not in love, she is.

I have no idea where this is going. The only way to keep my sanity about it is to keep out of it.
It's hard. I love him. I'm scared of losing him. The fact that he keeps changing his mind about her and the relationship with her? scary as hell.

It's going to take some time to get used to this new dynamic. It's new for him too, he's never dated 2 women before. And I've gotten too comfortable being his only lover. Yes, poly means sharing, Cleo, it means you're not the only love in his life.

Lots of things to reassure me: he's told co-workers he's dating both me and her, her friends know that he is also with me. I've been afraid that because she is local, she would become the Girlfriend and I would sort of fade into the distance.
We had some great talks this weekend. I feel he loves me, likes me, wants me. I just have to wrap my stupid non-poly raised head around the fact that he is now starting to love someone else, too.
early forties, straight.
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