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nycindie: besides loving your profile picture, i love how you say the same thing my friends say... I hate thinking about it this way but I was told that it sounds more like I love the idea and stability of a relationship with him. I love him and I would hate to think about it in that light because it makes me sound like i'm using him, but i'm really not... or am I?

I ask for nothing but his attention and consideration. I've been going through some medical issues that could curb any thought of a family with him and I feel as if I am alone. I hate to feel like I'm burdening people with my fears but it is a frightening time for me. I understand the distance is difficult and I can deal with the distance. He's a half a world away but I wish he didn't act like he was a half a world away... I feel as if I haven't given him a chance, yet everyone I seem to talk to say that I've given him more than enough.

I want this to work and yet it seems like an uphill battle.
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