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Originally Posted by Greenjade View Post
He just asked me if I would come to their wedding in two yrs if they got married. I said no because it would be too painful. He then asked me, It would too painful after two year? I said yes, she has taken my life away. Why would I want to sit through what should of been mine? He said I was being silly and that wasn't true.
Even moreso than asking the question at all, it's terrible of him to dismiss your feelings by saying that you're being "silly" and that what you feel isn't true. A broken heart can absolutely last more than two years -- does he really not realize that, or does he not think your heart would be broken by him leaving? And, if not, why on earth would he think that other than, as BG suggested, that he's already moved on himself and doesn't have the empathy to understand that you haven't...

I'm so sorry. What an awful situation. He really needs to step back and realize how cruel his words are, if nothing else.
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