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I like the distinction of "freedom to" vs "freedom from". With that perspective in mind I guess what I want is 'freedom from' my emotional "hang ups". Logically this can work. My brain understands the poly concept. I am not uneducated in the principles. (I am not implying that you are insinuating this. I am just making a statement.) The 'reason' side of me wants it to work. I love my partner very much. I want him to be happy. I know that he loves me too. I just can't convince my "feelings' that this is working. So with that in mind, is there a way to catch my feelings up with the intellect? After nine months I'm starting to lose hope. I'm starting to believe that I am indeed mono- whatever you called it (I liked those distinctions too) and that this arrangement will not work because of that. Thank you for your input.
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