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[QUOTE=GalaGirl;200502]She's not willing for that. So that's option is not even on the table. Is she a cowgirl? I thought it was ending because of her moving/leaving too far away to sustain a relationship? Isn't that why he's traveling to see her? She's far away now? I am confused.

It was supposed to end when she left. They would remain friends in contact. Then when he went to visit if it was just as friends he was okay with that and if she still wanted casual sex while he was there he was fine with that as well. When she eventually got back it would be just a friendship.

She is now saying she can't do that. She can't bear to see him with me. She wants to settle down and have kids and if she can't do that with him, she doesn't want to even be friends with him because it will be to painful for her.

Since I have been with him and we have had kids, we have only really had each other. We moved towns so have had to make new friends and he doesn't do anything but work then come home. We don't socialise much. So he found her and she is his only other friend. So I think he is very scared to loss that as well. I've tried to push him to go out with work colleagues etc but he avoids work dos etc. I have friends but only because of my children. I don't have a life long friend that I can talk to. I can't even talk to my mum, she has issues of her own, on anti depressants etc because she is still struggling with life after her and my dad broke up which was 13 yrs ago. There is a 13yr age difference between Mr and me.

We have talked about travelling when the kids are a little older, and when I have a job etc. Part of the reason he is going to go see her is because he has this theory he will be to old to travel when the kids are old enough. So he wants to get out there while he still can, which means, not with me because we have no one we can trust to leave our kids with for multiple weeks etc.

I don't know if what I'm writing makes any sense at all. I'm so messed up at the moment.
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