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Originally Posted by Greenjade View Post
Yeah sorry, I realised I posted this in the wrong forum after I posted it I did a search for open relationship forums and this was the first that came up. After i posted my thread I started reading some of the other threads and I realised I had made a mistake.

Sorry will delete my thread

Actually this is the "right" forum because your HUSBAND is in love with two people. That is a fact whether you like it or not. So, it would be BETTER for you to hang around and LISTEN to what the people here have to say. I won't try to say too much in this thread for reasons which make sense to me and maybe a few other people who know what I'm talking about. But i will warn you, people will probably say things you are not prepared to like, so if what you really want is to feel the warm fuzzies of being agreed with, sympathized with, and validated, then this may not be the place for you after all.
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