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I suggest slowing everything the hell down and trying to be rational here!
Normally I'd say the same. But later down she writes they are no longer in love. (Her and the husband.)

My husband and I probably are not in love anymore because of all of this and we have tried to repair it but both feel very different about the situation and have settled on we are just trying to hold on to whatever is left until my oldest is moved out which is probably a little more than a year away.
He has told me he has had thoughts of killing us both. Most times he seems ok but had lost respect for me and if he's stressed sometimes he'll call me names and act as though he is gonna hit me. We have a therapist, it just doesn't help to resolve that we feel very differently. He has gotten a lot better this time around but still says he's losing love and respect for me and he wants to leave me when our daughter is gone.
To me it sounds like nobody wants to really be here in the marriage any more. No longer compatible. Just hanging in there for the kid to move out and then break up? Why not break up now then?

He does not sound like he wants to polyship and she does. It seems cruel to me for her to continue to polyship with him along for the ride losing love and respect for her.

Could end the suffering for all now. She doesn't want to dump the BF. So... that leaves breaking up with the husband.


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