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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Your husband has threatened to kill you and your bf, and has almost hit you? ( I am wondering if he has already hit you.) Your bf is shady and dark, but you like it? What's going on here, woman? Do you have some kind of death wish? Are there drugs involved?

Where was your marriage when you began swinging to add spice? Already bored and out of love with each other then?

I fear for your safety. If your bf is worthy of ANYTHING, he will agree to a break while you sort your head out. Things sound very messed up here.

If you fear he will leave you if you don't, like, move in with him immediately, despite a 20 year marriage and kid(s?), he isn't worthy of you.
Lol u couldn't be more off..... so easy to pass judgement but I can assure you there is no drinking, no drugs, or hitt, anyone whatsoever! However, my husband is hurt and yes we were bored and probably not in love then either. ....usually that's the point of swinging!!!!!!! We were married for almost 18 years prior to swinging. I understand you only are reading what I wrote but I'm not confused and my husband is not confused! We believe in two different lifestyles and I am in love with someone who is not my husband and love my husband but not in love with him. My husband wants monogomy and I want more freedom what is so hard to understand? True I wish he wasn't upset and never lost his cool from time to time but that doesn't mean he hit me!!!!!!!! We are educated professional people, and we have been to therapy but it hasn't helped any and not likely when people have strong opposing feelings. So I guess this is just something most people cannot understand and I will have too sort it out without other peoples opinions.
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