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Originally Posted by Gwenyth View Post
I'm kind of confused. Why do you want to leave your husband (it sounds like you are not unhappy in that relationship)? What does the decision to leave your husband or not to leave him have to do with your boyfriend? Why do you feel it would be necessary to leave your husband in order to have a full relationship with your boyfriend? What does your husband being mono or poly have to do with anything in this? Why would your being married be an issue with your boyfriend (especially since you have been right along)? Why would your boyfriend leave you if he starts seeing someone in addition to you, even if that person is mono? I guess I just don't see how your having a relationship with one of these men has anything to do with you having a relationship with the other or how one relationship could possibly affect the depth of feeling you have a different partner.

only child of a mono mother and a poly father
mono partner of a wonderful poly partner

No I'm not unhappy and wish I did not have too choose. My husband isn't happy. And I only see my boyfriend once a week and I want more he wants less. I am in pain from not seeing my boyfriend and hate the separation i have to face when leaving him. My husband thinks I should be home with my 17yr old daughter and Its not right. He does not want to share me and has made several scary threats.... both physical and divorce. Since he knows I am in love with my bf and not him he is angered and hurt. Like I said I want more and also since I am not in love with my husband anymore I want to be with my bf more often than many husband. I can't even go out with my boyfriend on the weekends. ..... just how long is that gonna work for my boyfriend. I want a real shot at this with him. .....
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