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Default Date Night!

Our girls were invited to a sleep-over with friends, last night, so Vix and I had some time to ourselves.

We went out to dinner at one of the many restaurants in town we hadn't visited yet, a higher-end Mediterranean place that serves really excellent food without being too pretentious about it.

(I don't think the terms "remoulade", "reduction", "confit" or "amuse bouche" appeared anywhere on the menu.)

Over dinner, we talked about future plans, about how we're going to manage to get out of this city and move back up north . . . perhaps in stages. In talking about our plans so calmly, over such a meal, we were able to re-establish the sense that our life together is a collaborative project, and that we should work with rather than against one another.

One wrinkle in the conversation is that Vix is late for her period. She usually has a fairly short cycle, but day 28 came and went this past week. We weren't sure if we might have another, very serious set of decisions to be making very soon.

The thing is, Vix is old enough that she is entering into perimenopause, so irregular periods are to be expected, at some point. And, really, she didn't feel pregnant, and we have been careful - um, more or less - with birth control.

On the way home, we stopped by the drug store to pick up a test.

The test was negative, with a fairly small chance of error.

Our minds set at ease, we watched a movie, then were somewhat more careful about birth control after that . . . and this morning, too.

For some reason, I'm feeling contented today, as if all is right with the world.

I wonder why that is?

In the mean time, my friendship with Metis seems to be deepening. We met for lunch, last week; we sat outside and talked for nearly two hours.

Later that day, I wrote an email to ask if she'd be interested in getting together for something other than lunch. She would, and suggested the possibility of meeting one evening at a place with live music.

I'm still trying very hard not to read too much into all of this, simply to be happy that she is willing to spend time with me and that she seems to be as interested in getting to know me as I am interested in getting to know her.

I see the possibility of an enduring friendship with her, whatever else we may be to one another, by and by.
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