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Default 2 guys and a purple headed girl

I'm 26, born and raised Okie, I have two amazing husbands, one I've been married to for 4yrs and the 2nd joined us this past year (its coming up on a year in april!) I live here in Oklahoma with Husband #1 and my Husband #2 is currently stationed overseas...
I've always been a free spirit and very willing to love and be who I am and not what ppl think I should be (proly why I'm 26 and have purple hair... but ya)
I'm a photographer, and run my own business, and when I'm not doing that I'm in my office crafting,painting,ect...
and here is my lil love story:
we'll call husband #1 M and husband #2 E
M & E have been friends for over 10yrs.. never in a million would they have dreamed they'd end up share the same wife little alone being ok with it.
I'm quite new to the term polyamory, I discovered it when I was searching to find someone that had a situation like mine, I had grown up in a very strict and at times sheltered "religous" home so imagine my personal struggle when I realized I was in love with two men and I was already married to one of them!
It all started when I met them, E was married and I was interested in M
I fell in love with M and married him within a year, the more I got to know E the more I had what I thought was just a "crush" but since he was married I left it alone. fast forward 4yrs...
things ended with E's marriage and he was coming around more which I LOVED but wouldn't admit it to myself, well there was a conversation between me and E that changed everything, he confessed that he's been in love with me for the past 4yrs... *gulp*
Trying to be the good "friend" I told him I understood and I was flattered but left it alone... or at least I thought, the more he came around the more I started having these feelings that weren't going away until I finally had to admit to myself that I had fallen for him, scared at what my husband (#1) would think.. but knowing that I have always been able to have a open and honest relationship with him, and I confessed everything, he already knew how E felt about me and he could see it. M encouraged me to explore mine and E's love for one another and let me know he cared about both of us and wanted us happy, he also knew I wasn't going anywhere so he was open to bringing him into our lives for good. E had heard about relationships like this but never been apart of one so he wasn't against it, and anything to be with me and not split me from M.
Now there's been some adjusting at first, me and M never thought about having more than just 2 in a marriage but 3 works for us, they are both mono but are ok with me being with both of them. We plan on having a family together in the future, when he moves back home (military)
Things are difficult right now with E being stationed in a dif country, but luckily it's one I can visit. We're making it work... it's just hard when your heart is in two piece in two opposite sides of the world....
and that's my summary.... for now....

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