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Default Anamchara

Originally Posted by Ravenesque View Post

It spoke of soul friends and a Anamchara ritual which friends may undertake together acknowledging their bond as well as reinforcing it. Anamchara is not a simple concept.

Getting back to the topic of soul friends... I would love to know more about the ritual where Anamchara acknowledge and reinforce their bond. There are always those people in our lives with whom the bond goes far deeper than mere friendship. I always end up refering to them as a sister, or near-sister, or like a brother. This is so much more descriptive! And yes, it's not a simple concept, nor a simple thing to find.

And there are so many who treat friendship as a fleeting convenience these days rather than honoring the exchange of ideas, good will & positive energy that surround a true friendship. It seems like it would be a beautiful way to honor the truly significant bond that is so rare and precious. I may just have to track down that book!
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