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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
"Throuple" and its ilk are also stupid as fuck.
I agree. Just mentioning another word I've seen used.

Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
I appreciate this explanation, but where did you find this referenced?
First of all, this is the second time only than I've seen the word "trinogamous" The first time I asked the person "do you mean 'trigamous'?" and got chastised ("Of course I don't mean trigamous! Trigamous would mean I have three partners! I only have two! I'm bigamous.") So I'm fairly confident people are not trying to say trigamous (and I would have realised that if I realised they were talking about a triad. I thought the guy had 3 partners, that it was a quad.)
If trigamous could apply to a relationship between 3 people, then bigamous could apply to a relationship between 2 people, which is a couple, and monogamous would mean celibate.

As for the word "trinomous", I did not actually goodle anything. In French (I'm French), when people are paired up for a project, we call it working in "binomes", and "trinomes" is used for groups of 3 people. I assumed that "trinomous" would be the corresponding adjective in English, as the starting "trino-" seemed to refer to trinomes.

But it's quite possible that the word "trinome" or "binome" or any derivatives are actually not used in English, which would add up to how confusing the term is.

EDIT: just looked up the translation for "trinome" into English. Got "trinomial".

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