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And the latest young man I've been PMing with, let's call him BB. He started messaging me, all warm and smart and inquiring about my interests in art and poly.

He's 6'1", lean, dark curly hair, big blue eyes and 21. In fact, looks-wise, quite like my old boytoy D.

He wanted to have a date, talk... I told him I was moving 20 miles further south than the 10 miles apart we already are. Then he acted like he couldnt afford gas that far and so could he just see me ONCE before I moved?

I was a bit put out. I said, but what if there is chemistry and we only have one date? I will be sad. He said, Well sometimes one really good date can be just as romantic as a relationship. You always have the good memory and then can wonder for years about her, what she is doing. But he didnt want to make me sad, it was nice getting to know you, Ms Mags.

Well, that just seemed so sweet, I wrote back saying maybe we could do just one date, but I really couldnt til after my move. I said, we could have one romantic date, if that is a fantasy of his. Since he's been talking about art with me, I suggested, how about meeting at this certain museum that also has lovely outdoor sculpture gardens, walk and talk in the May sunshine, and then a drink afterward?

He wrote back to say his life is too busy and disorganized to have a full day to go to a museum with me! Then he implied all he wanted to do was talk and have sex... Oy.

I wrote back just now, telling him I don't fuck on the first date, and what the heck is he doing that he is too busy to spend half a day with me? I know he only works Fri, Sat and Sunday.

I guess maybe he thought he could just come to my place, talk for an hour and then get to the shagging? Or "making love," to use his term. That's "romantic?" lol I guess for a 21 year old, it is.
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