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Otherwise, "trinogamous" is the adjective some people use to talk about a triad/throuple, yes.
"Throuple" and its ilk are also stupid as fuck.

Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
They're not trying to say trigamous. Since it's a polyfidelitous triad, they're all being bigamous. The relationship is bigamous. They're trying to say trinomous, which literaly means "with three names" but is used to mean "with three people". Then they add "gamous" because they think "oh, monogamous, bigamous, polygamous... we need to end in gamous too!"combined.
I appreciate this explanation, but where did you find this referenced? I just googled "trigamous" and got some definitions:

Originally Posted by Oxford:
Syllabification: (trig·a·mous)
Pronunciation: /ˈtrigəməs/

Definition of trigamous

having three wives or husbands at the same time.
Originally Posted by
adjective \-məs\
Definition of TRIGAMOUS
: being or relating to a trigamist or trigamy : living in trigamy
: having staminate, pistillate, and hermaphrodite flowers in the same head
Gk trigamos thrice married

No online dictionary had a definition for "trinomous" when I googled that word. Could you give me the source/reference of it?

Oh wait, was it this religious blog?

So, it's the bible that gave you the word "trinomous"? And the dictionary/ies have it as "trigamous". Well then. I think that helps me make up my mind. Any time I have a choice between a religious word or definition or a secular word or definition, that ain't no choice at all, LOL.

If you do have a dictionary or some other authoritative source that is not religious, I would really appreciate knowing what it is. But thanks for getting me out of bed this morning. It was just too mincy to do all this googling and copypasta from the ipod.

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