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OK, an update in the midst of packing...

They caught the younger Tsarnaev brother in a yard in Watertown less than 2 miles from miss p's apartment. Now he's in a Federal facility about 20 miles away from my city.

And in poly updates,

The 29 year old, Blondie... That day we went to Mt Auburn Cem. we had discussed going out for a beer afterward. We are both beer fans, and both used to even brew our own. But he said he feared traffic would be terrible getting back up to NH (it being Easter) so passed on the drink. When we said goodbye after 2 1/2 hours of walking, talking and exploring, he said he had a wonderful time and definitely wanted to do it again. I kissed him on the cheek and he blushed.

So, a few days later, he PMed me to say he'd broken up with his sketchy gf. He was really seeming sad. A few days later I was back in Boston and on the Saturday I asked him if he wanted to go get that beer the next day? There is a pub I love in Allston called the Sunset with 100 beers on tap and hundreds more in bottles. He passed, saying drinking didn't seem like a good idea. I said, well, I didn't mean get drunk, you have to drive back to NH anyway.

But he still turned me down. I was feeling him out though, and he said he, "Woudn't be opposed to hanging out" in the future. "Wouldn't be opposed" wasn't exactly in line with the "Definitely want to do it again" of the previous week... hmmm...

I told him I'd caught the virus mentioned above. The following Friday he messaged me seemingly just to tell me he was going on "a date" the following afternoon with a girl he'd met on okc, how she was a "beer geek" and he was... taking her to the Sunset! The place I'd wanted to go with him and invited him to TWICE! He'd never been there before and used my information to plan a date with someone else.

Grrrr! So I thought for a while what to say. Finally I wrote: "Oh! Wish it was me. Enjoy."

So he writes back, "Will you be in town tomorrow? I am meeting her at 3 and not sure how long we will hang out." In other words... sloppy seconds. An afterthought. Well, I just didn't know what to do. I turned him down, since I was sick, but went ahead and flirted a little, since I was bored. Finally he wrote, "Oh, I think you're hitting on me. hahah"

Well, I left it at that. Boy does not have a clue about dating! He wrote to me to check in after the bombing, I told him we were OK, and I haven't heard from him since.

Kind of jerk-like behavior. I guess he just wanted me as a shoulder to whine on about his gf. Well, I guess I served a purpose.
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