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Originally Posted by Fidelia;
The arrangement described is not polyamorous,
Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post

I might just ask that you just climb down off the high horse and not bother with the personal attacks
I have not attacked you personally, Mr. Spirit. I have disagreed (adamantly, wholeheartedly, and with every fiber of my being) with your position and with the actions you have self-reported to have taken in the past. I continue to do so, and will continue to do so. As one of the many of people who have been seriously harmed by the arrangement you've described, I can do no less. If you find offense where none was offered or intended, so be it.

There are many areas of human life which are subject to discussion, negotiation and debate among reasonable persons. There are, however, some areas where issues are very clear and may be concisely expressed. Such as:
Lying is wrong.
Cheating is wrong.

Just as
Stealing is wrong, and
Murder is wrong.
In general, and with no particular persons in mind specifically, I may unequivocally state that people who lie are liars. People who cheat are cheaters. People who steal are thieves and murderers are people who commit murder. And people who make room for such activities in thier lives, or who aid and abet such activity, will face the consequences of thier actions, as all people do.

And again I state that the arrangement you describe is not polyamory, if polyamory is defined as multiple loving relationships between consenting adults.

And since you brought it up, yes, my horse is high, thank you, and from the saddle I can see far and ride fast.

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