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Hey, wow, a music thread!! New to this site and exploring...

I'm not going to have anything original or avant-garde to add in terms of artists, etc. But I am a single mother to two teenage boys, and just wanted to say, music is what we DO when they're with me (they're with me half-time). Alot of moms of teen boys complain that they and their boys struggle to find common ground... but in my house, the common ground is music. We sing and play guitar all weekend, and it makes us feel very close (not just the boys and me, but the boys to each other). We get to relate to something together, even though the truth is, a woman in her forties and boys in their teens really DON'T have much in common. I have a girlfriend who is a songwriter, and she says the same thing about her house. Her kids (all teen boys) ignore her all week, but on the weekend, they make music together.

One of my boys loves new country/americana (which is hilarious, because we live in Canada, where country music is decidedly unpopular with teens). The other boy has tastes that range from rap to punk to opera and everything in between.

The most recent song we all learned together on guitar was Rise Against's "Hero of War". Before that, older son and I were learning to sing the operatic "Conte Partiro"!
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