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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
I hate the word "trinogamous". One, it's not correct usage of the prefix "tri-". It should be "trigamous". Monogamous (mono-), bigamous (bi-), trigamous ("tri-"), and so on. Two, it sounds like some kind of extinct Jurassic era species "trinogamasaurus".

I really really hate it and i wish people wouldn't use that word.
They're not trying to say trigamous. Since it's a polyfidelitous triad, they're all being bigamous. The relationship is bigamous. They're trying to say trinomous, which literaly means "with three names" but is used to mean "with three people". Then they add "gamous" because they think "oh, monogamous, bigamous, polygamous... we need to end in gamous too!"

I definitely hate this term too, because in my experience, nobody who first enounters it knows what it means. Only when you already know do you understand it. "Polyfidelitous triad" is a term I understood the first time I encountered it. If we're going to name things, might as well make it straightforward names.

Otherwise, "trinogamous" is the adjective some people use to talk about a triad/throuple, yes. I wish they would stop, partially for the reasons above, and partially because that one relationship format is soon going to have more names than all the others combined.

You know how on forums, board and so one there is a new thread pretty much every day saying "My partner and I want to be poly... oh but with a twist, something unique! We're both looking for a female who would be with both of us at once! See, no jealousy could even happen, because seeing two people you love having fun without you is way easier than seeing only one person you love having fun without you, plus this way we don't have to bother looking for people separately. Anyway we came up with it on our own, I can't believe nobody else ever has! Crazy, right?"
And you just look at it, sitting right next to a few other threads saying the exact same thing, and you think "yes, you're so original..."
Well sometimes I feel like all these people also thought they were so innovative and original that they had to find a name for this thing that had never existed before.
As a result, there are more names for it than anyone could possibly care for. It's not like they're all slightly different, either. They're all describing the exact same thing: three people who are all in relationships with the other two, and usually with nobody else (but I've seen all of these words used for both polyfidelitous arrangements and open arrangements).

Anyways, hopefully with time, one word will rise as the most common one and the others will be abandoned. But I predict in the meantime more geniuses will come up with more new words for their totally unique idea.
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