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Yes my husband knows I'm seeing him again but keeps threatening to leave me because he knows how I feel for him and really isn't poly. He feels threatened by the relationship because he knows how I feel for him and feel that previously I spent 3 to 4 days a week with him and I'm gonna do that again Plus he doesn't like the guy. I don't think it's new relationship energy ...... I've been in other relationships since then and have never felt this before. But I know this guys personality is very magnetic and I'm very attracted to that and his intelligence. Anyway its very hard to be away from him and only see him once a week. I really want a real chance at a real realtionship with him and torn over this. My husband and I probably are not in love anymore because of all of this and we have tried to repair it but both feel very different about the situation and have settled on we are just trying to hold on to whatever is left until my oldest is moved out which is probably a little more than a year away.
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