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Default Specifics.

BG - you remind me of my ex, who used to always say, "Quantify your statements!" He was very into precise language as well, and I respect that.

The communities that I speak of largely exist online, as that is where I see the greatest amount of resources and writing about poly; discussion forums and online chat groups, blogs and articles. If you google "couple privilege polyamory" you will be met with pages of links, many of which mention 'unicorn hunting' and 'couple privilege' within a hairwidth of each other. I speak from a place of having done a lot of reading, conversing and listening, and I have seen a marked growth in using the term 'couple privilege' in a way that has inherently negavite connotations.

Does this define everyone's poly community - not necessarily. But there's RP saying that people in her facebook group are discussing it, I have seen it in my local chapter for poly meetups, and I've even had it volleyed at me by someone that I was dating.

Does that answer your question? If not, let me know - always happy to explain thoughts/reasoning.
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