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Ocean moves house in the next couple of days. I'd been feeling bad about him having to do it by himself. Well, a lot of people offered to help, but the bulk of the work is tidying and packing our stuff (and, the majority of it my stuff) so the ability for others to help in that department is limited.

Luckily, it turned out there were some affordable flights for me to return to assist Ocean with the move. So - after only being away for a couple of weeks - I'm back! Was much too soon to return, really, and it felt a little stupid. But I'm really glad I came back for a short visit, particularly cos Ocean's been depressed.

He ran out of meds and didn't make sure he sorted a new script in time, so he had to stop abruptly. Cue a raft of gross side effects - bleargh It's been a long weekend here, so he's had to wait a few days before he sees the doctor. So quite apart from me being here to help him shift, he is also happy to see me for support and cuddles. Yay!

It's been lovely to get the chance to see Grotto and Plinth too. I haven't been away long enough to reeeeeally miss them, but ah - so good.

The few days before I got here, I had a couple of semi-serious e-mails back and forth with Plinth, teasing out my thoughts and concerns around time, energy, etc. I addressed some of the stuff that Djuna brought up in our Skype chat. It was good timing to have a chat with Plinth in person about these things. All is well. He's liking the relationship. Doesn't feel like I don't have enough to give him. Is feeling good all round. Told me he loved me, which he hadn't yet done - it's one of those loaded phrases for him. It hadn't bothered me, although I had noticed him avoiding the phrase. Even though it didn't change my understanding about the way he feels towards me, it was a wonderful experience... him holding me close to his warm body on a 21st floor inner-city balcony, wind whipping and whistling around us, hearing him say "I love you" when I didn't expect it <3 <3 <3

What was possibly more wonderful... actually, let's not compare, these two wonderful things are both grand in their own aspects... WE THEN HAD THE BEST THREESOME EVER (declared thus by Grotto). Oh. My. Fucking. God. Grotto, Plinth and I in bed, chatting. Plinth starts toying with my nipple, Grotto turns in to kiss my other one, while both my hands start lazily stroking their cocks. Gentle enough as a start...

This time no one got any sleep.

Some highlights: I'm kneeling at the end of the bed and crushing their balls in my hands: left hand on Grotto, right hand on Plinth. The boys are curled close into each other, with Grotto's head cradled by Plinth's shoulder (heart-stoppingly beautiful). Their arms cross over to masturbate each other. Yummmm

I'm sucking Grotto and Plinth's licking and finger fucking my ass

I choke Plinth HARD while Grotto does I'm not sure what but Plinth's eyes are wide and gorgeous. Is he saying "yes... more..."? I can't quite make it out, shh baby, just one more minute and then you can breathe

Plinth's roughing up Grotto's nipples, with his teeth and one hand, with the other slippery palm up and down Grotto's cock. I'm gnawing on Grotto's balls and teasing his asshole. A hoarse whisper from Grotto: "if you keep doing that I'm gonna cum", and within seconds he sprays everywhere, it's like a cum sprinkler seriously. Somehow this went horizontal in all directions (!?) Whatever, HOT

Grotto and I take our sweet time sharing Plinth's cock. All Plinth can do is lie back and moan. Everytime I glance up he looks more and more like Jesus, his arms out wide and his face in the throes of passion. When he cums, it's long and messy. There's a battle for the spoils and even Plinth takes his turn by cleaning up my face at the end


The next morning, Plinth dropped me back to my (Ocean's) place. I told him: "without meaning any more than this sentiment, and with no expectations... I could definitely get used to that." Here's hoping! Haha

This evening: dinner date with Ocean. He said he's been craving sex recently (hallelujah) so... we'll see how that goes. Trying not to be SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT OKAY MAYBE I'M FAILING. I can't help it; good sex often makes me hornier in general.

Oh, another cute thing about Grotto and Plinth together. They kept calling each other "bro", "man" and "dude" Like "yeah, bro, that feels good." "fuck, man, please, don't stop" etc. I LOVE THESE GUYS, seriously. How did I get so lucky?

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