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Originally Posted by River View Post
I'm saying this in part because of some of the response to my expressed need for a term to distinguish "bisexuality" from "biamory" -- the latter being a term I find more confortable in describing my own orientation. Some folks thought that my use of "biamory" was merely an attempt to continue an explosion of neologisims (new words), and that such wasn't either helpful or necessary. This may be so. But, given the cultural situation of the moment, I rather doubt it. Many people continue to lack even a basic understanding of human loving -- and remain confused about the relation of sex to love.

If we're lucky, (or fortunate, if you prefer) we'll soon be a culture which takes loving seriously enough to create an adequate language to discuss it. But I'm not holding my breath. A fullness of breathing helps me to love better!
The term "biamory," defined as you have defined it, may be useful to some and not useful to others as terms and concepts tend to be.

What is the basic understanding of human loving? And what would be an adequate language to discuss loving?

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