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Talking Check-In

I had a really great night. We just got in about an hour ago.

Duckie #2, Si, and I had dinner at this new place. Our son is a ray of sunshine and a true bouncing, bundle of joy, and it is next to impossible to not be happy when around him. We have been trying him on solid foods. He has taken quite a liking to mac-n-cheese. He was feeding us. (Heaven knows babies hands are never clean.) It was really nice to see them interacting. He was touching her face and playing with her. He was comfortable with her and stayed in her arms the entire time we were at the restaurant. I reached for him and turned away from me. I think being around him made her feel better, and it warmed my heart.

As far as us, we talked over dinner and even shared a dessert. Reminded me of old times. After dinner, we went to her flat. The car ride lulled my son to sleep, so he slept through our movie night. We watched The Good Doctor, which was really good. I adore Orlando Bloom's work, so it was a match made in movie heaven. We also watched Sinister. I do enjoy horror and psychological thrillers from time to time. It was very nice to just kind of laugh, relax, and eat junk food. I am happy that we are going to do this again. Even if it was just for four or five hours, I know she was more relaxed than she has been in the past two months. We ended the night with a hug, a promise to do it again, and she thanked me. That was unnecessary, but I am glad our presence made her happy.

I was expecting Matt to say something sarcastic when I walked in. He actually did not. He gave me a hug, asked if we enjoyed our evening, asked what we did, and told me about their evening. They had dinner at some place in Notting Hill, and they went to see Matilda: The Musical. I cannot wait to hear about it from my daughter.

I am happy everyone had a relaxed and enjoyable evening. We all needed it. It has been constant chaos in all our lives, so we had one night of peace for every party involved. Everyone is happy or at least content right now. I have been wanting to say that.

I am going to take a bubble bath, have a glass of wine, and cuddle with my hubby. I am really relaxed right now, and I just want to be close to him and talk to him.

I hope everyone has a fab Saturday afternoon/evening or a great Sunday, depending upon where you are located.

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