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Originally Posted by onewayward View Post
And heís been calling me often with some excuse or the other (must confess, Iíve called him a few times as well).

Just canít figure how to handle this. But donít want to let go either.

Okay then. How to "handle" this? Stop calling him. And when he calls you, don't answer. Don't have caller ID? Have to answer the phone because it might be important? Oh, it's him? Be busy. You were just leaving. You are too tired. You have to take a shit. Or, you can just tell him that you're hot for him and it's probably not a good idea for the two of you to keep calling each other.

Or do whatever you want. It's kind of annoying when people ask advice, get it, and then say how that isn't what they meant, then add subtract and "explain" things hoping the free advice changes into what they want to hear.

Your original post didn't sound like you were just trying to "bare your heart". It sounded like you wanted people to tell you what they think you should do. That's what people did. You're "being judged" because you asked to be judged.

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