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Originally Posted by onewayward View Post
I am closer to my daughter. We joke with each other. Itís not rare that, in a social situation, if she detects something Ďamiss,í sheíll be upfront and say something like ĎMa, you are up to it again.í And weíll laugh together.

But yes, I canít tell her Iím attracted to your casual FWB.

Hubby is more than ok. Thatís how/why I didnít cast my veto right away. His logic is, F (our daughter) has moved on twice already. So itís only a matter of time.

If they stop seeing each other, then I revisit? Yes, you have given me an option. But all of you have advised a clear hands-off. Perhaps, if F clears my revisit down the line?
I really don't understand what you mean by the above. Are you saying that just because your daughter knows you were swinging and feels comfortable talking about sex with you that it should be okay to fuck her lover, once she moves on from their relationship?

Originally Posted by onewayward View Post
nycindie: I tried to explain in my first post, but perhaps did not explain enough. Iíve been a swinging wife with a near-cuck hubby. In the last few years of proper swinging, my preference was younger guys. When the Ďpolyí thing happened, that preference remained. And Iíve been in love only once outside my marriage. This boy would be the second. Both younger. So, thereís no novelty element thatís driving me. Sex, yes. But over the last 10 years, since my first love after marriage, Iíve never had this urge to overstep. The boyís compulsions? Ok, you may be very right.
You are still being a bit unclear about what point you are trying to make. For the record, my lover is 17 years younger than I. I have nothing against there being an age difference. And surely there is nothing wrong with two people feeling an attraction for each other even in the most inappropriate circumstances - that happens, but the inappropriate circumstance will dictate where responsible decision-making and willpower should come in. We can't always get what we want! Nor should we! The age difference is no big deal, really. It's the fact that he is or was your daughter's lover (think about it: his penis - in your daughter, then in you; in your daughter, then in you; repeat) that makes us all freak out and say "DON'T!!!"
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