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Default Truth

The moment you realize your unicorn isn't all she makes you think really sucks. When we are at our end of town if I even slightly treat her as a friend and not a girlfriend she freaks on me but....take me to her neck of the woods and if I touch her at all like a girlfriend she pulls away from me unless it's some place secluded...but she has no problem touching the hubby like he is hers. What's that about?
Sortafairytale: 40/me/Bi
Nails: 42/husband married 16 year together 18/straight
Pumkin: 25/my kissy face friend sorta gf
John5: 38/Pumkin'a BF and good friends with Nails and myself
Snuggles: 25/dating Nails and Me
Giggles: 37/the ex-girlfriend

Buzz: 20/oldest son adopted at 2 by Nails
Stitch: 17/youngest son with Nails
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