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Originally Posted by onewayward View Post
oringGuy: What I’ve written to nycindie (above) may explain whyy I shan’t trash The Graduate DVD. Even when I was swinging with hubby, at least in the last few ‘laps,’ I preferred them young. Difficult to change now. But, your point very well taken. I shouldn’t be messing with this guy, given the odd situation. Not because I should be going by your analogy, but because of what you’ve mentioned otherwise. And while I hope Mags narrates the happy story that you want her to, I shall hold back my happy stories, here, about younger guys and how to find them. Just not relevant to this thread, unless I’ve sent the wrong signals in my post.

Excellent; fair enough. But part of the point of participating in threads such as this is that even if some of the stuff people say does not apply to you, or you think it's irrelevant to your situation, it's a "public" (privately owned but visible to the public) forum, and the stuff that is superfluous to you may be of value to someone else who is reading it. So please don't take it as though people are assuming that you "are" this way or that way just because they are discussing something beyond the scope of your intent. I did not assume that you were looking for just "a" boy-toy, but in case someone was in a similar situation as yourself reading this and perhaps that WOULD be a viable alternative that they hadn't considered - and Mags' post would be useful.
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