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"I think heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual etc are just fine as referents to SEXual orientation (ie. who you have or had sexual attraction to), in fact, I prefer when this usage is done exclusively. If you want a set of terms to refer to love, use homoamory, heteroamory and biamory etc. I am a homoamorus bisexual, for example. I have had attraction to men and women at some time or another, but only love men."

So others agree..., not all "bisexuals" are biamorous. Perhaps a neologism is called for.

Most of these people have very little clue what the hell they are talking about!:

Allow me to provide a clue to/for the perplexed.:

a. Love is not the same thing as sex.

b. Sex with love may be the most freaking mind-blowing thing you cannot imagine!

c. Fucking someone doesn't mean you love them.

d. Loving someone doesn't mean you are fucking them.

e. Yes, some people really do love people!

f. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope and three thousand dollars to..., and I'll provide you with a "free" clue. Just pay shipping and handling.
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