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Default Overwhelmed

Truly overwhelmed by all the replies, doubly by the promptness of them.

Thank you, opalescent, nycindie, BoringGuy, Dagferi, Magdlyn, FullofLove1052, nancyfore.

I am not replying individually bcoz I fear I may go overboard while explaining myself. Having said that, I respect the clear veto that’s emerged.

Veto was always the most loaded option in my rational mind. I am truly happy that all the replies have, unanimously, told me to take the call by the strength of my rational mind (it gets fuzzy sometimes, but your replies have helped enormously).

opalescent: Both my stepson and daughter are aware of our lifestyle (they kind of figured when they were younger, in the autumn of 2011 (historic, for us!) three of us (me, son and daughter) discussed it, albeit without ‘categorizing’ the lifestyle, nor mentioning any names of the people who were part of our lifestyle and some of who, I think, my kids suspected as much.
I had wanted hubby to also join in in that ‘historic’ conclave, but he had felt too awkward, and, till date, the matter has never been discussed in his presence (nor otherwise, really, to any great extent).
I am closer to my daughter. We joke with each other. It’s not rare that, in a social situation, if she detects something ‘amiss,’ she’ll be upfront and say something like ‘Ma, you are up to it again.’ And we’ll laugh together.

But yes, I can’t tell her I’m attracted to your casual FWB.

Hubby is more than ok. That’s how/why I didn’t cast my veto right away. His logic is, F (our daughter) has moved on twice already. So it’s only a matter of time.

If they stop seeing each other, then I revisit? Yes, you have given me an option. But all of you have advised a clear hands-off. Perhaps, if F clears my revisit down the line?

nycindie: I tried to explain in my first post, but perhaps did not explain enough. I’ve been a swinging wife with a near-cuck hubby. In the last few years of proper swinging, my preference was younger guys. When the ‘poly’ thing happened, that preference remained. And I’ve been in love only once outside my marriage. This boy would be the second. Both younger. So, there’s no novelty element that’s driving me. Sex, yes. But over the last 10 years, since my first love after marriage, I’ve never had this urge to overstep. The boy’s compulsions? Ok, you may be very right.

oringGuy: What I’ve written to nycindie (above) may explain whyy I shan’t trash The Graduate DVD. Even when I was swinging with hubby, at least in the last few ‘laps,’ I preferred them young. Difficult to change now. But, your point very well taken. I shouldn’t be messing with this guy, given the odd situation. Not because I should be going by your analogy, but because of what you’ve mentioned otherwise. And while I hope Mags narrates the happy story that you want her to, I shall hold back my happy stories, here, about younger guys and how to find them. Just not relevant to this thread, unless I’ve sent the wrong signals in my post.

Magdlyn: Truly appreciate all your comments. Much, much grateful.

FullofLove1052: Thanks to ALL of you, it’s worked out in my mind. No go. But, should opalescent’s “revisit” – if and when – be considered?

nancyfore: May keep sitting in my mind, but shan’t go ahead – unless opalescent’s “revisit???”

Still need advice. No, it’s not the clit tingling. Much beyond that.

Have a great weekend, you lovely folk. And thanks so much for bailing me out. I never knew such a forum existed till I found it today. Such a help, such great comfort to share with people who understand!

P. S. Weekends for me are best for connect.
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