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Originally Posted by BaggagePatrol View Post
It seems that the idea of couple privilege is being married to the idea of bad behaviour, but to unify the two as though they belong together doesn't jive with me.
OK... This is going to look like I'm trying to distract from the real topic, but I have reasons why I'm focusing on this: what do you mean "is being" married...etc. I'm specifically asking about the "is being" part, I understand the use of the word "married" in this context is not referring to the "married couple". But when you use "is being" it's kind of removed and wishy-washy like when someone says "the gun went off and someone got shot". Please qualify this "is being". Who specifically, is doing this? "people" on this forum? Which people? In what context? I believe there is enough "evidence", anecdotal and circumstantial, to support a valid argument from either side of the issue. Therefore, if your intention is to persuade others (and I have to assume that the purpose of this thread is not simply for self-reflection, but for the exchange of different points of view), then you need to set up the premise of your argument with clearly defined parameters.

So when did people start associating one with the other? And how does couple privilege go from a recognition to an inflammatory term?
Again - what "people"? All people? Some people? Some of the people all of the time? All of the people some of the time? These are not trick questions. But, of course, you don't have to do this MY way...

I think the 'holier than thou' attitude has got to be removed to prevent alienation within the poly community.
There is no "the" poly community. Please define the subset. Please define what "community" means in this context. The people who live in my zip code are a sort of "community", but we don't have a section of town where all the poly people have their own zip code. The "online poly community"? There could be more than one "poly community" on the internet, and there are people who would argue that there is no such thing. The "community" that is sometimes perceived to be this forum? Craigs List? OK Cupid?

Once the parameters are established, perhaps it will be possible to have a coherent, productive discussion about this. This is not meant to be a critique on your writing style (well, it would be if you were writing a research paper), or the merit of the ideas contained therein.

OTOH, if it's just about stream-of-consciousness writing, then I can deal with that and just skim over those posts.
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