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I am so sorry things were so tough. I understand the analogy about waking up at 3 AM and swearing up and down that there is just something you must do, but then you forget. It is frustrating.

I am glad the last day of the week was been better for you, and I hope your weekend is relaxing.

Yoga is absolutely relaxing. I practise on daily basis--in and out of class. I have to empty my mind and relax my body. The best poses for alleviating anxiety are the child pose, headstands, backbends (I do this with and without a fitness ball), forward bend (meditation pose for me), legs up the wall, and the cat pose. It also helps to practise various styles. I have recently taken up Ashtanga Yoga. It is a bit more challenging, but it works wonders in getting the kinks out. I would definitely say do it at work, too. I have a yoga mat in my office, and if people start working my nerves, I retreat to my serene place and calm myself down.

I would also be mindful of your progesterone implant. Those implants can malfunction and cause increased anxiety and even depression. The side effects of medicines and said treatments can be more awful than the original reason for even taking them. If that is the cause, your doctor can prescribe something to counteract it. Congentin is sometimes used, or they opt to remove the implant and replace it with another kind.

I am glad that you had a plan in place for your SSRI in the event that you needed to get back on them.

Sending you hugs and hoping you have a pleasant evening with the in-laws and even more relaxed weekend with Dude and MrS!

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