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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Wow, my question is answered about NY that no one responded to in the "chit chat" thread... I was using lyrics from a song that is out right now, Jay Z and Alicia Keys- "Empire state of mind" I was wondering really if NY is all that we hear about in songs, movies etc... if one has never been there, then I think it can be over fantasized perhaps? or is it all really what they say?

I went once to NY and drove a rented car through China town. CRAZY! I liked honking my horn lots though I drove from Montreal PQ and stayed in a hostel. I was there for one night and FELL IN LOVE! I totally get the energy and it was so me.... I am so excited and envious that there is so much going on in the poly world there. That just isn't a reality for a lot of folks.
Sorry RP...I was waiting for someone who lived there to answer it more properly than I could. I had a similar experience to yours, were I understand now why some people make such a big deal about NYC. It's not the only city in the world that's left an impression, but it's on a short list so far.

Speaking of poly meetings, I did wander around the Poly Pride picnic at central park for a while...and met up with XYZ123, who was incredibly hospitiable. I'm very grateful to her and her husband for that.
However for the picnic it seemed that everyone was mostly grouped off already, so I wasn't sure about doing other introductions. I'm hoping next time in April the timing might be right for a proper meet & greet or mixer or something.

One thing about NYC, I'm definitely planning to go back. And everyone back home that I told about the Museum of Sex totally want to go there, just for that.
While the The Sex Lives of Animals exhibit sounds like it's moved on, the first major piece on display of a deer was...informative.
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