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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Mags, tell the OP a happy story about how there are plenty of hot young guys out there who like to spend sexy-time with hot older women, and how to find them.
Plenty of young hot guys on ok cupid dating site. I've been there 4 years (I'm now 57) and I have lost count of how many men in the 20s and 30s have messaged me. Why just this week I've been communicating with a very lovely 21 year old... He wants a date badly, but I am about to move 20 miles further south than the 10 miles we are now. Of course, guys his age never have much gas money... But we might meet halfway for at least one "romantic" (his word) date. It's not just lust, he is literate and wants to discuss polyamory, music, art, etc.

Anyway! I've had 2 long term relationships with (single, not dating my daughter) 20something men since '09, and a few shorter flings.

Just post some really good pix and write a charming witty profile and wait for those horny, fit, adorably innocent and funny boys to show up!

(Just FTR, I've got a 35 year old gf of 4 years, and a 60 year old bf of 15 months as well, I'm not specifically a cradle robber!)
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