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Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post

Maybe this is why the dismay of frustrated unicorn-hunters is so hard to take. Some of them, at least, seem to feel cheated that the world is not giving them what they want . . . because they think they are entitled to get what they want. The world owes it to them to provide a single and suitably attractive and compliant bisexual female, on precisely the terms they offer - and she'll be lucky to have them.
Oh yes, this is something that frustrates me when I see it 'Can't for for us to meet our special third, we know she is out there...' then later on 'When is she going to arrive? We have have contacted SO many women, the women here are so fake!' 'You are all being SO judgemental, there is someone out there for us, we just know it, don't try to crush our dreams just because it did not work out for you, we know we are looking for a niche but we won't stop until we find her'.

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