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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
You're not falling for him.
How do you know that?

You are simply flattered that this young guy has a crush on his gf's mom.
Are you a mind reader?

He's entertaining a MILF fantasy but he'll get over it.
Not all women of a certain age are going to attract this man. Perhaps, just perhaps, he really likes and is attracted to this specific woman.

Believe me, it will pass like all crushes do...
Hmmm, don't be so sure. I've had unrequited attractions last for years. Even a decade or more.

I just think you overstated your case a bit, Cindie.

OK, all that said, I've had passing crushes on 2 of my daughters' partners... it's something they don't tell you about in parenting school, how one can get stirred up a bit by your teenagers' bfs or gfs. TABOO!!

I did fight the crushes and they did pass once I got to know these partners a bit better. I do think this OP's loyalty to her daughter should trump her affection and attraction to this young man, no matter how cute and nice he is!

As I said recently, when you're going for polyamory, don't think with your dick/clit. You're not just fucking around, you're taking on another person's soul, past, issues, all that. In this case, you've got your own daughter's psyche to consider as well!
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