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I hate to suggest this because it is *such* a stereotypical response to women experiencing emotional difficulties.

But, have you had your hormones checked recently? Thyroid for sure. Maybe others? Check with your doctor. Personally if I am generally angry at the world for no reason, my period is around the corner. It happen's often enough that I recognize the pattern now but it took a while to connect that rage over nothing to hormonal fluctuations as my body prepared to menstruate. Or if I am low in thyroid hormone, I am lethargic and sad. It's astonishing the power hormones can have over our emotional states. (Men too.)

And I hate to be all up in your in business but have you talked to a doctor about going back on your SSRI? Some of those need titration to work properly and not cause bad side effects.

And I don't know your age but there are hormonal long term changes as one ages. The shift from regular menses to perimenopause to full menopause, for example. Something to be aware of but, typically, every woman experiences these differently.

Wishing you the best and restful thoughts.
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