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Wow, my question is answered about NY that no one responded to in the "chit chat" thread... I was using lyrics from a song that is out right now, Jay Z and Alicia Keys- "Empire state of mind" I was wondering really if NY is all that we hear about in songs, movies etc... if one has never been there, then I think it can be over fantasized perhaps? or is it all really what they say?

I went once to NY and drove a rented car through China town. CRAZY! I liked honking my horn lots though I drove from Montreal PQ and stayed in a hostel. I was there for one night and FELL IN LOVE! I totally get the energy and it was so me.... I am so excited and envious that there is so much going on in the poly world there. That just isn't a reality for a lot of folks.

Our meetings all just started happening in the last year really. There was a social group before that met at a restaurant and then it blossomed into a educational group that has a large turn out upward of about 30 people sometimes. I just started a women's group that about 15 people went to last time and there is now a dating group. Maybe other things are going on too I just don't know... oh ya, some stuff about the up coming interviening at the supreme court about the polygamy law.

They each serve a different function but a lot of us go to all or a couple and hang out socially now as a result. We do our dating from our more private social gatherings or privately.
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