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Default Strange, strange situation: Need advice

My hubby and I (55/48) have had a wonderful marriage. Till about 10 years ago we were into the swinging lifestyle. For him, I was centric (heíd have been quite happy remaining monogamous). When we had another woman/women playing with us, it was invariably when other men were around.

Our swinging more or less ended when I fell in love with a guy who had moved into our neighbourhood. He was married and cheating. I was not cheating. Anyway, to cut a long story short, though both hubby and I were burdened with this huge guilt that my lover was cheating on his wife, this intense relationship carried on for a long time. When it ended, all three of us were shattered (hubby and my lover got along hugely).

I have a stepson from my hubbyís earlier marriage. Heís 26. I have a daughter from my hubby. Sheís 19. Both have moved out. My daughterís up north now, but visits us over the odd weekend.

She has a casual thing going with this boy who visits us when sheís down. Heís around or little older than my stepson. Itís not serious, as in, both are clear that itís headed nowhere.

Now the problem!

Something in me is telling me that I am falling for this guy. And, perhaps, I havenít been able to really hide that from him either (so hubby tells me), because he has started responding somewhat. Like, heís started dropping by even when my daughter hasnít come down to spend the weekend/holidays with us. And heís been calling me often with some excuse or the other (must confess, Iíve called him a few times as well).

Just canít figure how to handle this. But donít want to let go either.

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