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Originally Posted by InfinitePossibility View Post
This is sad. Adults using children as pawns in order to hurt each other is a horrible thing to read about. I very much hope that Matt is able to regain some compassion and stop this behaviour before it becomes a habit - it's not a good thing to be practicing, in my opinion.

I know this sort of thing happens and I know children who've gone through it and who have grown up to be perfectly okay. Still, it's a horrible thing for the adults to do - I consider it to be emotional abuse. I feel for your children and I hope that they will be okay.
Wow. Harsh. Read through the posts of both OP and her husband before pulling out the abuser card. I haven't gotten that impression, and think its a little dramatic to start flailing on any side.

This is recent, all within the last 60 days, and passions are running hot. I think things might need to cool off before making too many base judgements.

Patience is a virtue in these situations, although few people seem prepared to exercise any. Amazing what can be done with a little of that combined with some transparency and deliberateness.

The OP isn't married to an abuser, that much is clear. Stubborn, slow to change and loyal seem to be the ruling definitions. Which also seem to define her other partner. The OP likes challenging people, apparently.
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