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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Ok now, that's just cruel of Matt. That's hsing the chldrn as tools to hurt someone else who cares about them. Ooh that disgusts me. I think i might be getting triggered by that. I have lost respect for him as a father. Unless Si mistreated, abused, or put them in danger deliberately, it is horrible to do that to your own kid.

I can't bear to read this blog any further. I hope you find happiness somehow, all of you, and i regret that i have no way of reaching out to Si to let her know that she has a lot of sympathy from a lot of strangers.
Seriously, you're saying this? Really?

Sad for you, BG. Even if this post was meant to be supportive, it doesn't seem to be coming from an objective place. I wish you well, and presume the OP doesn't take it as seriously as all that. It isn't.
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