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Reading about people treat each other badly on here is making me feel sad so here is a funny.

My very conservative sis believes that couples should consist of a man and a woman and that they are each other's boyfriend/girlfriend until they get married. Children should not be had out of wedlock. To her this is the right way of going about thing.

She still misses my ex who I broke up with 9 years ago and she still wants him in her life. I told her that I'd had an e-mail from him and that he sent her his love. She expressed her anger to me that he and I are not together any more and then suggested that I ask him to move back to the UK and go out with both him and my SO. That way she could have them both in her life regularly and everything would be fine. Made me laugh lots that the only person who's ever pressured me to be in a poly relationship is my sis.

Other good stuff. I had some excellent fun teaching yesterday, am doing more today and then will be heading out for a night of fun and chats with my SO and a few others.

Ahhhh - that feels better.
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