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Default I'm Leelee

Hi, I'm Leelee. Single (divorced) Canadian female in my early 40s. Joined this site just the day before I broke up with BF who was in an open relationship, but I wouldn't describe that relationship as a poly relationship. His GF and I never met, she didn't want to meet me, and she forbade him from having a relationship with me beyond sex. So, there was no "amory" in that poly, so to speak.

But anyway, that relationship got me thinking about poly relationships in general. I was married for a long time to a man who had many affairs, and I found that all the lying he did really eroded my feelings for him. The end result is that I accept that monogamy is not a happy state for many people... and since I'm not a very jealous person, i think I could accept a partner who has other partners, but not a partner whose whole life is a lie. Ethical non-monogamy really appeals to me. I personally tend to be monogamous in my relationships, but I could see myself as one of the arms of a FMF vee, as long as the male was willing to genuinely invest emotional energy in both relationships.

I have also found I'm attracted to masculine/top-type bisexual men... so I could see myself someday in a MMF type vee relationship.

Anyway, very new to this and just learning. Nice to meet you.
Leelee, all alone.
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