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I'm female. I don't get deep into NRE. My gf's husband and his boyfriend both got majorly NRE when they started dating. So no, it's not a chick thing.

Originally Posted by Octopus View Post
I don't really think anything is a biological man vs. woman issue.
She didn't say anything about "biological;" that was your own interpretation.

Acting like a "guy" is a "guy thing" whether you're a cis guy or a trans guy. Acting like a "chick" is a "chick thing" whether you're a cis chick or a trans chick.

Obviously some things are "biological woman" issues, e.g. menstruation is a big one. Awkward erections in the middle of gym class are "biological man" issues. Sure, both of those can be manipulated with chemical and/or hormonal treatments, but those treatments are still part of "the issue."

Anyone who thinks men and women are "the same" and that there aren't "guy issues" and "girl issues" is putting their head in the sandbox. Men and women are different, not just biologically. Sure, much of it is culturally and socially conditioned. But pinpointing the source doesn't fail to make them exist.
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