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Originally Posted by KerrBear View Post
So I guess I'm wondering how do you be friends with someone who just Tuesday you made love to and you still have the love marks on your neck to prove it. . . Just friends, no more holding hands. No more kissing. No more making love. How do you do it? Or does this mean just distance? I feel like I can never hang out with him again. . .
Since you asked, "I" don't. Some people can, I'm not really sure how they do it. But for me, people fill specific roles in my life. The qualities I look for in a friend are different from the qualities I look for in a partner. Most of the time, my partners wouldn't make good friends for me if they didn't have that other "something" that makes me romantically attracted to them.

Other people meet everyone as a friend first, and maybe they "take it to another level" and add romance on top of the friendship. In that case, you just reverse the process to remove the romance. But if you never had a "just friends" relationship then there probably isn't much basis for one now.
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