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I agree with the above, my SO is just not the get excited kinda guy. He knows that when I'm gone he thinks he misses me, he feels better when I'm home, but he's never gotten the giddy, butterflies feeling. He described it to me once.

When we were first getting together I was excited to see you cause when you put out it was the best sex I ever had so my penis got the butterflies but my head said, this is doable, we can stand her, this is good, lets do it.
Now, knowing this man the way I do, if you we're offended by anything there, you shouldn't be. Literal thinker that he is has developed more of an attachment over the 6 years we've been together the more time went on. The normal ness of our attachment being comfortable and beneficial to us both. We actually cuddle more, talk seriously, plan, and even share ourselves MUCH more than we did at first.
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