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No, no, you misunderstand, I love the almighty penis, I really do, but I am well aware and well versed in other methods of pleasure. We partake of them all the time quite happily. I was only asking if this -"this" being his involuntary physical reactions to me as of late- was something that sometimes happens with NRE. To clarify, he used to get hard just seeing me naked. Now, that's not the case. He can look at me naked, hold me, and touch me without suddenly getting horny and have the crazy need to take me right then and there. But when we do have intercourse, he can't seem to stay hard. I still get off, but he doesn't always and he has been worried about that no matter how much I tell him that it's okay. Basically he seems to have calmed around me and has channeled that crazy delicious sexy energy towards our girlfriend. My main concern was whether or not we should consider that something might wrong psychologically since he was strictly mono before, or if it could be something medical (which we are still going to be conscientious of just in case) since it was so out of the blue.

But, he is very excited -physically and emotionally- when our girlfriend is involved, so I think it's safe to say it's just the "Yay! New toy!" reaction. If we're all in the mood, we just get our girlfriend involved. If not, we're all pretty self sufficient and find ways to take care of ourselves. I know it's going to get better, I just thought he might like to know it's just something that can happen and there's nothing wrong with him.

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