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All in all, it makes for a great story. . .

Well, I had a rough day and morning. I felt everything from numbness, to disbelief, to resentment, to intense jealousy, back to resentment. Now I'm more happy and settled. I still smile when I think about the fun we had but I get real intense bangs of sadness after the wave of happiness. . .

I'm lucky I haven't felt too much self hatred. I'm really happy that I haven't had to deal with that. Apparently, Beaner is going through it though.

His job is really stressing him out. My husband is quiting for a better job in a few weeks and things are really starting to pick up at their work so he's got a lot on his shoulder, including this. He told me twice that he couldn't think straight and that's probably why there was a lot of hurtful things said. . .

In the end, he wants to be with the other girl cause she can give him what I can't. He still very much wants to be my friend but with no "sex". I'm still not sure how to manage that. I realize we shouldn't see each other until everything is healed up. We are both very much hurting.

So I guess I'm wondering how do you be friends with someone who just Tuesday you made love to and you still have the love marks on your neck to prove it. . . Just friends, no more holding hands. No more kissing. No more making love. How do you do it? Or does this mean just distance? I feel like I can never hang out with him again. . .
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